Yesterday was not a great day to be an adult male fan of Grace VanderWaal, not unless you enjoy being insulted/slandered.

Greg Wells implied in his malicious tweets yesterday that not only does he find men of his precise demographic “creepy” for being a fan of Grace, but moreover that he’s “not the only one who feels it’s odd,” strongly implying that Grace feels the same way.

Number one, he’s betraying Grace by attacking her fans, and two, he’s borderline betraying Grace’s confidence by making such implicit statements.

I have been a fan of Greg’s for the last two years, and I still appreciate his work, but his character took a beating yesterday, and I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Perhaps, off-the-record/in-private-conversation, Grace mentioned that she is creeped out by certain posting habits by a demographic of fans, and that’s fine. I’ve said things in private conversations that I wouldn’t want to be made public either, but I’m sure Grace would never have said anything like that publicly unless she felt it was a broader concern.

All I have to go by regarding the VanderVault’s involvement in Grace’s fandom is a post made by her father to this forum back on May 24th, 2018…

“Hi Mark,

It’s Grace’s Dad. I just wanted to express our appreciation at all you are doing for Grace. The VanderVault is incredible and the daily updates are amazingly insightful. It is fans like you that make it all worthwhile for both Grace and our family. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!


I will hold Dave’s words of kindness above Wells’ vague and unsolicited insults and put this episode behind us.


Last night Grace was live on Instagram and shared a few career tidbits that should not go unmentioned:

She recorded two songs while in Los Angeles two weeks ago, the first of which she feels so confident about she wants it to be the lead single off an upcoming EP!

Big news/confirmations on a couple of fronts!

  1. The next big release will be an EP and not an LP
  2. Only 2 songs were worked on during those 5 days with Greg Wells and as such they are likely fairly polished and could be released sooner than the conclusion of the filming of Stargirl. Whether they will be released that soon, or not, is entirely unclear.

Grace also, and very emphatically, stated that she is incredibly happy with her life path now and that she has everything planned out in her mind as to where she wants to take her career.

This is the most explicit confirmation that Grace has put behind her the ambivalence that plagued her earlier this year during the Uproxx series of mini-documentaries where she expressed feelings that she may have “ruined her life” by embarking on a career decision made at age 12.

The rest of the information conveyed was more personal in nature.

Exciting things to come!

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