Lyrical Grace: I Don’t Know My Name

Chris Latham wrote an epic three-part Lyrical Grace series for “I Don’t Know My Name”, around when the Vault first debuted, but we’re trying to bring multiple interpretations of Grace’s songs to our readers to better provide a broader spectrum of opinions. Canada is thus far our only singer/ukuleleist/songwriter, at the age of 12 no less, so her opinion should definitely be considered in analyzing the song that started it all for Grace.

Stargirl, Sooner Than Later?

Mark Lalonde speculates as to whether or not yesterday’s move by Disney to Acquire 21st Century Fox (what we old-timers still think of as 20th Century Fox) will accelerate the release of the movie “Stargirl”.

Grace in the Name of Love

Mark Lalonde discusses Grace’s role in the 2nd annual LoveLoud Music Festival being held tomorrow in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday July 28th, 2018.

Grace is Becoming Stargirl

Mark Lalonde senses WME’s marketing and publicist’s presence in background and predicts we will see increased media attention on Grace leading up to the production and promotion of Stargirl.

Grace Thrives on Change

Mark Lalonde watched Grace’s Grammy Museum interview and performance, shares his thoughts on what was shared, plus a few hopes, wishes and more or less realistic predictions.

Lyrical Grace: The Differences are the Point

Another entry in the Lyrical Grace series, this time looking at Grace’s early collaboration with her music teacher, Dylan Kelehan, with whom she wrote and performed the quirky and wonderful “The Differences are the Point”.

Simon Cowell’s Terrible Swift Sword (Part I)

Today’s editorial, a group effort by the VanderVault Staff, is a two-parter that explores just how much of an influence Grace’s AGT “Judges Audition” had on her win of the show, and how much hype was generated because of it for the first year, and more, of her career.

Amazing Concert in Missouri

The VanderVault welcomes 12-year-old Canada Stewart as our newest contributing writer. Canada attended the Evolve Tour stop in Brandon Missouri last week and brings us this recap of her experience.

Simon Hears a Who!

VanderVault staff writer Prati Moksha breaks down the role of “beat masters” and super-producers’ influence on modern music, and whether they could influence Grace’s sound.

Where Is The Love? Critically Speaking

Mark Lalonde’s editorial today was sparked by a comment from friend of the VanderVault, John May, on yesterday’s Grammy-focused article, where he questioned certain eccentricities regarding the critical reception of Grace’s LP Just The Beginning.

Grace & Grammy

Mark Lalonde hopes you won’t kill the messenger with his breakdown of the Best New Artist Category for 2018.

Grace… Honestly

Mark Lalonde feels, and a leading psychology professor agrees, that Grace is an evolved being, one we should all strive to become.

Grace in the Arena & Beyond

One month into Grace’s Evolve tour opening for Imagine Dragons, Mark Lalonde summarizes a number of insights, some new, some previously mentioned but here expanded upon.

Doing It By The Book: Simon Says

Today’s editorial compares Simon Cowell’s 10 general rules to follow to successfully win a talent competition (written back in 2002) and thrive post-win. It’s a nostalgic look back at the early days of such shows and to see how many of the “rules” Grace nailed in her journey, and win, on AGT.

All About The Base

New VanderVault staff writer Prati Moksha examines what it is that draws Grace’s fans in, and how her particular appeal may be different from that of the artists often considered her peers, or even competitors.