Continued from Part I

The only critique I can make about Grace’s set is in regards to volume. It was loud enough to get your attention but not enough to discourage idle chatter. I regularly listen to my home stereo and headphones at far greater volume levels. It was like background music at a dinner party and not rock concert level expectations. I suppose this is the fate of an opening act. They don’t get the wall of sound that quite literally blows you away. Trust me, if they turned up the volume for Grace she would have blown everyone away. Still though, realize that I’m not complaining, she was incredible. I will be patient, it’s inevitable, she’s destined for headlining big shows with huge sound.

As it stands, we polite Canadians generally provided excellent feedback and surprisingly loud applause for her throughout the set. I entertained many questions after her set and enlightened many people about who she was and how she got here. In fact, during ID’s set, Dan Reynolds spoke about how he was personally affected by depression which made the presence of Grace fairly obvious. He thanked Grace for being with ID for the summer and that she is “Beautiful, Wonderful and Super Talented”.

Grace is an amazing performer and she is really embracing this opportunity with ID. Her voice has a smoother, silkier tone and she dances with reckless abandon. She is infectious and a real star and I can’t help but think this is a mere step on her journey to super stardom. My Wife said, “She’s way better than I thought she would be”, and my son seemed almost lost for words when asked if he liked Grace, he smiled and nodded “Holy Cow!”. “No Son, that’s the one and only Grace Vanderwaal”, I said.

Here is the video I recorded. Enjoy!

Just a huge shout out to Imagine Dragons as well. I must say, I admire them just about as much as RUSH, they are that good. They have a stage production second to none and it’s very modern. I knew about 80% of their material but enjoyed each and every song. The highlight of their set for us was when we were within arm’s reach during their 3-song acoustic mini-stage session. My Wife near fainted we were so close and my son got selfies with the guys right behind him.

They are consummate performers at the top of their game. They present that huge wall of sound I was anticipating earlier and it was awesome. These guys are real pros and they were note perfect all-night long. Dan is a legendary performer, bringing the crowd to frenzy seemingly at will. I was also impressed with his great vocal ability and range. They are a tight group and their musicianship was on full display.

We were treated to a drum solo, several guitar solos and even a kick-ass bass solo. The onslaught of excitement lasted fully two hours without pause. It is an utterly mind-boggling stage production and extremely technical show but was delivered with absolute perfection. No encore either, they’re not phony that way I guess. Without question they are in their natural element and supremely talented. Between songs, Dan was always presenting messages of hope, peace and love. We were all extremely impressed.

With ears still ringing we make the slow departure from the venue. Smiles are everywhere. The energy continues to radiate from every pore and people are beyond exuberant. We board the GO-train for our return trip home. My son turns on his iPhone and gets into his apple music app. I noticed that he was listening to Grace’s “Escape My Mind” which surprised me. Surely, he would have tuned into one of ID’s hit songs? I assume they are next in his playlist and close my eyes. For us, the night is done, but the shared memory will last a lifetime.

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