VanderVault: The Grace VanderWaal Digital Archive

The VanderVault Digital Archive is a multifaceted resource for fans and researchers of Columbia Records recording artist, actress, and philanthropist Grace VanderWaal.

We are a non-profit/zero-revenue organization dedicated to preserving Grace VanderWaal related digital media and promoting her career with original content, including long-form writing, videos, and interviews:

The VanderVault Times publishes news, analyses, editorials, reviews and interviews with artists who are inspired by Grace’s work, or who have had a direct impact on her career.

VanderVault Studios is an independent film production studio that creates original documentaries and short films that focus solely on the career of the artist and philanthropist Grace VanderWaal.

This website also provides a multitude of services for fans and researchers beyond the two primary content drivers of the Vault, namely:

The Grace VanderWaal Primer: A curation of videos that allows our visitors to quickly familiarize themselves with Grace’s most compelling recordings, live performances, interviews, and philanthropic endeavours.

State of Grace: A curated collection of Grace related links to the most recent and relevant news articles, videos, and social media posts from across the Internet.

Events/Tours: Find out where and when Grace will be playing next and how to buy tickets for each show (links provided).

Discussion Forum: A platform for thoughtful discussions with other fans of Grace on a multitude of topics. Sign in with your existing Google, Twitter, or YouTube account (foregoing the need to go through any formal registration process). If you don’t have one of those accounts you can register with us directly with a minimum of form filling.

Lyrical Grace: Lyrics to all of Grace’s songs, and when available, song breakdowns and essays by VanderVault Staff writers.

Song Catalog: A listing of all songs, covers, originals, published and unpublished, Grace has ever performed, and when and where those performances first occurred.

Gallery: A curated collection of artwork by VanderVault featured artist Claynife.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us and be sure to check back daily for new content.

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